Ubuntu 10.04 "Mac-style" Buttons Justified

"OOOOH New long-term support Ubuntu!" Download...burn...install...then...

The brown is gone: YAY!
Replaced it with purple: Cool, I guess all the other colors have been taken.
And moved the minimize, maximize, close buttons to the left: WOAH, wait a minute...

This is where the Mac-Fanboys cry copycat! ("Leopard" "Lynx") and the Mac-Fanboy-Haters pull their hair out.

I've discovered an explanation and a solution, all in one program:

Ubuntu Tweak

What is it? It's AWESOME.
Everything that involves tweaking your system to just how you want it becomes centered in one simple location. These are just a few of my favorite things it does:

  • Application Center: Shows the top downloaded programs from the Software Center
  • Package Cleaner: Wash behind your ears after you update your kernel
  • Login Settings: Change the login wallpaper and even the Ubuntu icon
  • Computer Details: hostname, kernel version, GNOME version, CPU, memory, etc.
  • Security Related: This is what I would use to make a linux kiosk
But for the purpose of this post, I'm going to focus on Compiz Settings and Window Manager Settings.

Change from left to right

To change the buttons from left to right, the screenshot below should explain:


Why to keep buttons on the left
I realized the benefit to having the close, minimize, maximize buttons on the left when I used Compiz Settings to set corners of my screen to do show my desktop, show all open windows, and show all workspaces. 
More screenshots!

Compiz Settings

"Expose" for Linux

Linux had workspaces before Spaces were cool
Having the window buttons in the top left, along with the Main Menu, allows for the other three corners of the screen to be used for these cool effects. When I changed the buttons to be on the right, nearly every time I went to close a window, whatever effect was assigned to that corner would turn on. After doing this a few times, I realized this is a practical reason for having Mac-style buttons. 

Next Blog...Modern Warfare 2!
So two blogs about pretty Lucid Lynx is enough. I plan on my next blog being about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Here's a phone-camera-quality preview:

I was going for a nuke and was just one kill away.

EDIT (2010/07/05 11:59): Now all links open in new windows and comments show below posts. Thanks Nick.

Happy Hacking!


  1. That was the very first thing I changed when I updated to the newest Ubuntu. And I haven't really encountered too many problems with expose and the workspace view either. My favorite OS yet but Christina is having me install windows 7 as soon as I can. (side by side)

  2. Somebody set up us the bomb! (did i get that reference right?)

  3. @Nicholas: HA HA HA HA ....
    Yes you caught it. I'm proud.